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Available courses

API Data and PNR Data Basics (Moldova)

API Data and PNR Data Basics (Moldova)

Welcome to your virtual classroom. This virtual classroom will provide you with the basics about API data and PNR data. Make sure to save this page on your device so that you can easily return to it. 

API data and PNR data Basics Online Training has been designed to quickly give you basic knowledge about API data and PNR data, anytime, anywhere, at your own pace. You should plan approx 3 hours of time for this self-paced course.

For the best virtual experience, we recommend to use the following browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge. We do not recommend to use Internet Explorer or Safari. 

CT Travel is a flagship programme by UNOCT and supported by its Programme Partners CTED, ICAO, INTERPOL, UNODC, OICT. You can always reach us at ctTravel@un.org.

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