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Available courses

Introduction to Crisis Communication in P/CVE

Introduction to Crisis Communication in P/CVE

Crisis Communication

Strategic communication can help organisations, governments, non-profits and corporations meet their goals or mission.

During a crisis, strategic communication can meet two purposes. It can, at its basic level, get citizens to safety, calm panic and deliver vital information. When used strategically, it can also bring communities together, and in the case of terrorism, counter the fear and division which violent extremists aim to achieve.

This introductory module 1 aims to provide an overview of:

  • What crisis communication is and its objectives
  • Difference between a crisis and an issue
  • Role of social media in a crisis
  • Elements of crisis communication

Protection of Critical Infrastructure from Terrorist Cyber-Attacks

Protection of Critical Infrastructure from Terrorist Cyber-Attacks

This course has the overall objective of raising the awareness of cyber-threats posed by terrorist actors and to enhance knowledge on potential solutions to increase the security of critical infrastructure IT systems and to mitigate the effects of cyber-attacks. The training modules of the course aims to deliver support to Member States in the prevention, mitigation, and investigation of cyber-attacks by terrorist against critical infrastructure. The course consists of 3 training modules.

Intended audience: CSIRT, CERTs, responders, law enforcement and counter-terrorism agencies, policy-makers, and owners of critical infrastructure, implement critical infrastructure protection, respond to and mitigate the impact of malicious cyber acts against ICT, and investigate associated terrorist actions

Language: English