Fusion Cells

Programme Description 

UNOCTs 3-year Global Fusion Cells Programme was launched in January 2020 and is funded by the United Nations Peace and Development Trust Fund (China). The programme is being implemented by UNOCT/SPIB in cooperation with CTED, UNPOL, CAERT and Interpol. The programme responds directly to CTED assessments and Security Council resolutions and focuses on strengthening existing national counter-terrorism structures (Fusion Cells or Centres) that engage in collecting, all – source, all – threat, reporting and provide support through specialist technical assistance. It aims to improve at a national level, Member States’ production of strategic and operational level outputs, such as the strategic threat assessments, and where possible, support Member States’ capacity to develop and maintain “terrorist watchlists”. Current programme beneficiaries include Ghana, Botswana, Uganda, Togo, and the regional body SADC.

Programme Activities

Some of the programme’s main activities include a) conducting national deep-dive assessments, which include a review of beneficiaries’ legislative and institutional frameworks, operational readiness, and SOPs, b) providing expert training (Foundation and Intermediate Level Analysts’ course, Threat Assessment and Report Writing course, Train the Trainer course) and mentoring for beneficiaries, c) holding Virtual Study Visits by established national Fusion Centres to share their procedures and mechanisms, d) production of the Fusion Cells Compendium of Good Practices and Related Guidelines.

List of Courses

COURSE 1: (Foundational - Intermediate) Analyst Course (2 weeks, restricted course)

COURSE 2. (Foundational) Threat Assessment and Report Writing Course (1-week, restricted course)

      COURSE 2A. SMART writing (1 day add-on, open course)

COURSE 3. (Foundational) Decision-Making in Fusion Cells Course (1-week, open course)

COURSE 4. (Foundational) Counter-Terrorism Investigative Strategies Course (3 days, restricted course)

COURSE 5. (Foundational) Conversation Management Course (1-week, open course)

COURSE 6. Open-Source Investigation (OSINT) Course (1-week, restricted course)

COURSE 7. Briefing Course (2 days, open course)

COURSE 8. Train the Trainer Course (1 week, held by UNPOL, restricted course)

COURSE 9. Train the Instructor Course (4 weeks, held by UNPOL, restricted course)