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News Bulletin

The News Bulletin will provide a secure online space, managed and overseen by UNOCT, for civil society actors and organizations to share news, knowledge, and up-to date information related to their respective work and organizations.


The objective of the Library function is to give civil society actors and organizations the opportunity to share both peer reviewed and non-peer reviewed literature, research, reports, or data analytics, related to CT/PVE fields. The library function will also give CSOs the chance to connect with academia, as academic entities will also be encouraged to contribute by sharing relevant work.  

Working groups and project proposals 

The working group space will allow for a diverse range of civil society actors and academia to work together on programmes and projects relevant to CT/PVE. Using the “Contacts Directory” members will be able to propose a working group with other members of the online CSO community. Working groups will also be presented with the option to draft a project proposal, using available templates, and submit the project proposal to relevant funding proposals posted on the working group space. 

Programme Managers from UNOCT will also be able to create a working space to workshop existing programmes in collaboration and in partnership with relevant civil society actors and organizations. 

Contacts Directory 

The contacts directory will serve as a function to easily connect a diverse and global range of civil society actors and organizations, as well as private sector and academic entities, to one another. Under each contact will appear a short description of their organization in addition to each one’s respective completed online modules from the Global Learning Platform, so as to easily connect organizations based on shared interests and fields of work.  

The contacts directory function will also be a tool for CSOs to nominate each other for working groups or calls for project proposals.