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Programme Description 

UNCCT’s Programme on Preventing and Responding to WMD/CBRN Terrorism seeks to advance Member States’ and International Organizations understanding of the level of this threat. It also supports their prevention, preparedness and response efforts at their request. Through this Programme, the Centre seeks to strengthen partnerships to contribute to existing capacity-building efforts of the international community. 

Programme Courses 

UNCCT provides capacity-building support, focusing on areas such as border and export control, strategic trade control, illicit trafficking, protection of CBRN materials and critical infrastructure, incident response and crisis management, and CBRN forensics, among others. In 2021, the Programme launched 20 capacity-building training courses aiming to increase the capabilities of Member States in targeted CBRN areas. The courses are available upon request (oct-cbrnuncct@un.org). 

  Bio Hazard  1. Outbreak Containment for Law Enforcement Course

  Bio Hazard  2. Biological Countermeasures Course

  Bio Hazard  3. Biological Incident – Table-Top Exercise

  Chemical  4. Chemical Countermeasure Course

  Nuclear  5. Radiological and Nuclear Countermeasures Course

  Chemical  6. Chemical Incident – Table-Top Exercise

  CBRN  7. CBRN Law Enforcement Training Course

  Nuclear  8. Radiological and Nuclear Incident – Table-Top Exercise

  CBRN  9. CBRN Countermeasures and Response Workshop

  Bio Hazard  10. Basic Microbiology and Biological Threats Course

  Chemical  11. Basic Chemical Threats Course

  Nuclear  12. Basic Radiological and Nuclear Threats Course

  CBRN  13. Intro to WMD Science Course

  CBRN  14. Critical Infrastructure/Key Resources Protection Activities Course

  Bio Hazard  15. Intermediate Biological Threats Course

  Chemical  16. Intermediate Chemical Threats Course

  Nuclear  17. Intermediate Radiological and Nuclear Threats Course

  Bio Hazard  18. Advanced Biological Threats Course

  Chemical  19. Advanced Chemical Threats Course

  Nuclear  20. Advanced Radiological and Nuclear Threats Course


Report Cover
The UNCCT-UNICRI report was prepared as a result of a project on "Technology and Security: Enhancing  Knowledge about Advances in Science and Technology to Combat Weapons of Mass Destruction Terrorism (WMD)“ implemented within the framework of the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Coordination Compact Working Group on Emerging Threats and Critical Infrastructure Protection. The report is available upon request (oct-cbrnuncct@un.org).