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Programme Office Description 

The United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism Program Office for Counter-Terrorism and Training in Africa, based in Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco, was officially inaugurated on June 23, 2021. This Program Office is tasked with developing and implementing key counter-terrorism training programs and initiatives to support requesting Member States and their Security sector and Law Enforcement agencies, with a particular focus on the Sahel and West Africa region.   

The Office is currently developing a range of complete multi-level training programs (from initial to advanced), including curricula, experts' trainings, trainings evaluation and certification. They will include a plethora of Counter-Terrorism related subjects, tailored to meet the needs of the beneficiary countries.  

 Training programs will be developed in accordance with UN’s best practices and comprise of the curricula that includes theoretical and practical components, including human rights, and gender focused approach, and have national training institutions and academic certification. A special attention will be given to Guidance Manuals that will support national Law Enforcement Academies to replicate and consolidate knowledge.

In addition, the Office will support and host already existing and ongoing short-term programs and projects on Counter-Terrorism investigations, border management, prison management, prevention, disengagement and reintegration and countering financing of terrorism that are being carried out by different branches of UNOCT.

Programs, Curricula and content will be made available shortly through this platform.