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Programme Description 

The Programme Office on Parliamentary Engagement in Preventing and Countering Terrorism within the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism was established for implementing key initiatives on the Role of Parliaments in Addressing Terrorism and Violent Extremism Conducive to Terrorism. The Office, based in Doha and launched in alliance with the Shura Council of the State of Qatar, operates through the following three functions: conducting research, analysis and normative work in support of counter terrorism and prevention of violent extremism; raising awareness, providing technical assistance and provision of consultative services; and support to effective functioning of the Global Parliamentary Network and the coordination platform for regional parliamentary assemblies on countering terrorism and preventing violent extremism. The Office fosters a "whole-of-society" approach with a focus on youth engagement and women participation, and in collaboration with civil society organizations, research institutions, and academia.

Programme Objectives 

This Online Network for the Global Parliamentary Engagement Programme will support the Programme Office in its main functions by:

  • Publishing multimedia resources that result from the research, analysis, normative work in support of CT/PCVE to help formulate CT policies, strategies and recommendations for Parliamentarians, with a focus on youth engagement and women participation.
  • Streaming the platform with the online toolkit on technical assistance to parliaments on the broad spectrum of their functions and mandates related to CT and PCVE.
  • Coordinating online and in-person outreach and partnership activities with parliaments and their secretariats, as well as parliamentary assemblies and associations regionally and globally.

List of courses