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Programme Description 

The Programme assists beneficiary Member States in building their capabilities to detect and counter terrorists and serious criminals by using Advance Passenger Information (API) and Passenger Name Record (PNR) to improve the use of international databases with known and suspected terrorists and criminals, such as with INTERPOL, and enhance international information exchange, in accordance with Security Council resolutions 2178 (2014), 2396 (2017), and 2482 (2019) and relevant privacy laws.

The Secretary-General officially launched the Programme on 7 May 2019. Since then, 47 Member States officially joined the Programme, with approximately 40 more Member States indicating strong interest to do so.

Programme Objectives 

The online courses aim to provide an overview of counter-terrorism issues, an understanding of the methods and practical techniques, and skills required to address them. These blended learning training courses, consisting of a self-paced pre-training and an instructor-led one-week training, have been developed to introduce and support the work on API and PNR in beneficiary Member States. The pre-training will go over the basic key concepts of API and PNR before the one-week training course starts. By providing these unique training courses, the CT Travel Programme would like to strengthen beneficiary Member States’ capacity in implementing an API and PNR programme. Due to current COVID -19 outbreak travel restrictions, all training courses will be web-based, with the one-week training starting and concluding each day with an interactive live session. A variety of lessons during the day will be followed by individual assignments. The one-week training course is a mixture of asynchronous (video- based lectures) and synchronous (live events). The training course will cover: - The International Legal Framework on API and PNR; - The Operationalization of a Passenger Information Unit; - State Industry Engagement; - The goTravel Software; - Technological Support for Beneficiary Member States; - International Cooperation; - Collecting and Processing Maritime Traveler Information. The blended courses are open for registration to all CT Travel beneficiary Member States, law enforcement agencies, national counter-terrorism agencies, and any official institutions dealing with potential terrorist travel.

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